Week 2: On the Road Again


Welp, here we are. Week 2. Second five-day stretch of the new adventure, the turnt leaf (is that how that word works?), the fresh slate. Climbing the mountain, striding down the path...on the road again.

And it's still feeling great!

When I picked up this here ol' blog again, I wasn't really sure what direction to go in or what topics to cover. I just knew I wanted to write - get out there again. When I've embarked on this blogging journey in the past, I've attempted to lay out a solid plan - a failsafe framework - that will lead to confident prose and witty wording.

And while that's great and all, I've noticed over the years that sometimes the prepping and perfecting turns into inaction and stalling.

So while I don't have a strategic plan all laid out and tied up in a pretty pink bow, I figured it's better to put something out there than to sit behind the scenes letting anxiety drone on and on about how we haven't reached perfection yet...

So, here's to not knowing and still starting up those engines and hittin' the road...again!

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